Regarding Real Estate closings:

Our representation of you in this matter includes only the following services:

  1. Contract preparation if you are not using a Realtor.
  2. Title examination on the property you are purchasing.
  3. Document preparation related to the transaction.
  4. Closing services including disbursement of proceeds.
  5. Title insurance services.

If you are working with a realtor:

If you are working with a Realtor, you should know that your Realtor is an integral part of the transaction. Due to confidentiality requirements, we cannot share any of your confidential information with your Realtor without your written permission. However, you can share any information with your Realtor as you deem appropriate.

Services we do not provide:

  1. We do not order or evaluate termite inspections.
  2. We do not order termite treatments.
  3. We do not order or evaluate septic tank/wastewater treatment plant inspections.
  4. We do not order surveys.
  5. We do not order or evaluate home inspections.
  6. We do not order or evaluate appraisals.
  7. We do not order repairs.

Do you need to bring photo identification to closing?

Yes. We require a valid driver’s license or other form of government-issued identification at closing containing a photo. Please make sure your form of identification has not expired.

If you will not physically be at the closing of the transaction:

Please let us know as far in advance as possible whether or not you will attend the Closing in person; or, whether we will need to send the documents to you to be executed. Any documents not executed in our office will be sent to an approved notary service (primarily Bancserv) which will have a representative bring the documents to you to be executed. Additional fees will apply for the notary service. In the event any documents will be executed in a foreign country, please let us know so we can guide you through the necessary procedures.

Do you have any special requests, special needs or special circumstances?

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to better accommodate you at Closing.

General Closing information:

All Closings handled by this office are conducted by an attorney. If you have a preference for a particular attorney please let us know. Although it may not take this long, you should plan to spend 1.0 to 1.5 hours for the Closing. We want to make sure you understand all documents you are signing and several lenders require us to email executed documents for their review prior to funding the transaction. If we have to get lender approval, we ask that you stay until we receive funding authorization.


You will be given copies of all relevant documents before you leave the Closing. To protect your personal information, many of these documents we do not retain in our file. You should keep your copies of the documents in a safe place.

Are Powers of Attorney accepted?

Execution of documents on your behalf by a person authorized by a power of attorney document are only allowed in specific limited circumstances. If there is a necessity that the closing documents be signed on your behalf by a person authorized by a power of attorney document, please contact this office immediately. Both your Lender and the Title Insurance Underwriter must approve the use of a power of attorney. There are circumstances where a spouse cannot act as the Attorney in Fact.